NCT’s Fashion Review in 2016 MAMA

As a fashion student and a K-Pop fan, I am interested in fashion of K-Pop Idols. I currently have an interest in the latest group of SMent, NCT. NCT or Neo Culture Technology is a boy group formed by SMent in 2016. As a newcomer, they have many good skills (singing, dancing, rapping, etc). But in fashion, NCT often gets criticism from fans and netizens. According to them, their fashion looks weird, too extreme, or even tragic.


That’s why today I want to review NCT’s Fashion in my personal opinion. As you know, NCT’s Stylist has its own unique taste, unfortunately not everyone has the same thought as the stylist. NCT’s fans and netizen always criticize their fashion. According to them, NCT’s style is ‘too much’ and ‘unique’. Today I want to review their red carpet and performance outfits.

In my opinion, their outfits on Asian Artist Award and Melon Music Award red carpet represent the concept of NCT stages as they are the same outfits the members wear on stage. So, if we look at other idols using a suit or formal attire, NCT choose to wear clothes that have similar concept to their fashion stage. I personally favor this option. Why? Because they bring new things and something refreshing in the red carpet. Unfortunately, they always wear the same clothes for every performances, just recycling them from one member to another. If they maintain the modern concept and street style but have new clothes, it would be more interesting.pakai-rok-hingga-apron-kostum-nct-127-di-red-carpet-aaa-2016-disebut-tragis

Apron and Skirt. Why Not?!!

Some blogs say that Mark and Taeil’s styles look tragic because of the apron and skirt. For me, it was no problem. Because fashion does not have limitation. In my opinion, the stylist has a brilliant idea for daring to give that kind of outfits to Mark and Taeil. However, Mark’s accessories look a bit excessive. It would be better if Mark did not use choker and hat. Taeil has no problem with the skirt he wears but it’d be better if he wears slim-fit cutting pants.

Then at MAMA red carpet event, many fans hoped that NCT would use “normal” clothes. But even if they wear normal clothes, I hope there is still the NCT usual vibe. I will take their style in W Magazine photoshoot as an example. They were wearing normal clothes that still look like NCT style.


And it turned out as what had been desired by many fans. The Hyung line used formal attire at the press conference, while NCT Dream used shirts and suits. The look that they chose for the press conference is a look that is commonly used on red carpets.


Unfortunately, the suits used by Chenle, Jisung and Renjun look too big for them, thus they appear to be less beautiful. Despite using suits, the members of NCT Dream remain looking childish and don’t look older than their ages. As for the hyungs, there is no significant problem. In conclusion, for MAMA press conference, they look just like any other idols. Honestly, I did not like it because they lost the uniqueness of NCT.

The next is their looks for the opening of MAMA 2016 performing ‘Black on Black’. They used the concept of military clothing by using jackets, shirts, and pants with army pattern and neon colors. Luckily, they chose to use those colors that maintain NCT concept yet it is still not very visible. Their looks for the opening do not necessarily correspond with the concept of NCT in my opinion, and it is quite unfortunate.


Luckily, for the performence of NCT 127, they used the look that suits their original concept. They were dressed in SOBANGCHA’s  costumes that were dominated by red and black colors, and also layered clothings. They went back to the NCT that I know. Mark used jumpsuit AND I LOVE IT. AND, my goodness LEE TAEYONG. HE IS VERY VERY HOT. Don’t forget Jung Jaehyun and Moon Taeil. They are the top three for me.

The three pictures above are my favorite clothes for Sobangcha performance because their clothes really really show their identity. For me, fashion is something that can be drawn freely. In fashion, there is no restriction or specific rules, especially on-stage costumes. What they wear is the representation of the concept itself. Just like Lady Gaga who is known for her quirky appearance but it becomes one of her appeal.
The description of fashion is different for everyone. For me, I like NCT’s style because they are always consistent with their concept. NCT-U, NCT127 and NCT Dream have different concepts both in music and fashion. Their similarity is that they are consistent with the basic concepts of their modern and artistic style. Sometimes they have Arty concept of Beat, which is not necessarily accepted by everyone because of the “weird” impression.

Ok Guys, that was my review about NCT’s fashion on 2016 MAMA’S Red Carpet . Thank you for your visit. BYEEEEEE

My english sucks. Thanks to Bunga, my fangriling friend who wanna help me edit this article!!!!


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